Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

If you would like to help out during our hibernation, please contact us.

General Volunteer Day: Feb 23

We will be holding our second general volunteer event and orientation on Sunday, Feb 23 from 11am to 4pm.  If you’re able to come, we’d love to see you. Disclaimer: we’re still refining volunteer processes, so if lots of people show up, it may be crazy — but fun!

  • Coordinators will be there to help train and orient new volunteers and those who need a refresher on recently updated/evolving processes.
  • We will be working on various sorting tasks, as well as stamping, shelving, and boxing books.
  • If turnout is high and volunteer vehicles are available, we may take a group to our nearby offsite warehouse to help organize over there and bring back boxes of books from our backlog.
  • Dress for our dusty warehouse space at 3001 Vineyard Avenue.
  • Drop in any time; you don’t need to come for the whole day.
  • Bring a lunch or a snack if you like.
  • The volunteer entrance is the blue door on the right of the front (white) side of the building.
  • Parking: we have limited parking in the lot out front. Nearby street parking is free on weekends. The lot out back (by the mural) is not ours. If you park there and it is a problem for the neighboring businesses who use that space, you may be towed.

Wish list: if you have empty copy paper boxes (the kind that come with 10 reams of printer paper in them), we’d love to have them!


I have volunteered before. Should I come?
Please do! We’d love to have you join us.

I can’t lift anything heavy. Will there be things for me to do?

Can my kids come, too?
Yes, but only if they are mature enough to stay on task and follow directions, and only if you will be supervising them at all times.

I can’t make it on the 23rd. Is there another time I can come?
Please stay tuned. We’ll announce more volunteer events in the future.

What are your other volunteer hours?
We do not have regularly scheduled or drop-in volunteer hours at this time. We hope to get there, but preparing tasks for volunteers and supervising their shifts takes time that we need to dedicate to other projects during our hibernation. Ultimately, we’d like to assemble a core group of fully trained volunteers who can operate almost autonomously supervising their own tasks and orienting newer volunteers. This would allow us to expand volunteer hours.

I’m only available on certain days, can I just come then?
Thank you, but not at this time.  We’re not able to accommodate individual schedules at this point during our hibernation.  We do intend to add more volunteer orientations and volunteer events in the future.

Can I bring a group to help on the 23rd?
If you’d like to come as a group (more than 5 people), please contact us.

Sorting/shelving is great and all, but how can I volunteer my professional skills?
We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us.  (And if you’ve already done so, thank you!  We have made a note of your message and will reach out when we’re ready.)

Can I receive updates about future volunteer events via email?
Of course! Please contact us.


You can also help the Book Thing by providing any items on our wish list. We are also looking for any old Book Thing photographs!

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