Hello Book Thing friends,

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated books, or adopted books at our June opening. We recorded 721 sign-outs totaling 13,118 books and 1,296 non-books. We also accepted donations of 11,393 books and 1,657 non-books.

Upcoming events

We are delighted to continue our series of book giveaways falling on the second full weekend of the month in 2024. Limited book donation hours coincide with each public opening. Our events alternate between Saturday and Sunday.

  • Sat, July 13  – 9a-2p/5p – details below, limited book donations accepted
  • Sun, Aug 11 – details TBD, limited book donations accepted
  • Sat, Sept 14 – details TBD, limited book donations accepted
  • Sun, Oct 13 – details TBD, limited book donations accepted

In addition to our regular monthly schedule, we are hoping it will be possible to add a few extra dates later this year.  Stay tuned!

Book giveaway: Saturday, July 13th, 9am-5pm

We will allow patrons into the building to browse for books on July 13th, using a timed-entry format. As usual, all lines will form outdoors. Dress for the weather, bring an umbrella if it’s rainy, etc. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • 110 patrons will be permitted to enter on the hour each hour from 9am to 4pm. The first entrance will be at 9am, and the last entrance at 4pm. All patrons must exit before 5pm.
  • Our system is first-come, first-served; there are no reservations – just come get in line!
  • Please don’t be deterred by our format. It helps keep things moving so that you get a chance to browse sooner, and it lets us serve more patrons.
  • The line is always long for the first entrance or two. But for several months now we’ve been consistently below the headcount limit for entrances in the afternoon, and sometimes even in the late morning as well. And yes, we still have books later in the day!
  • Patrons will have 55 minutes to browse our stacks, select their books, and exit the building. The time limit will be strictly enforced. You may get back in line to re-enter… and many patrons do so!
  • Upon exiting, patrons will form an outdoor line to count their books and sign out (even if it’s raining).
  • If a patron exits early, a new patron who is waiting may enter “on standby” and use the remainder of the 55 minute time slot. This new patron will not be permitted to stay beyond the end of the time slot, extend into the next time slot, or hold their original place in line for a later time slot. Standby entry means you accept that you will have less than 55 minutes to browse.
  • One parent may be accompanied by a maximum of three children, and all children must be accompanied by an adult. For everyone’s safety, please ensure your children are well-supervised – our kids’ section is always busy and crowded!
  • Patrons will enter through the red room door and exit through the blue room door.
  • The restroom will be available, but you will not be permitted to enter the building to use it except when it’s your turn to be inside browsing for books. Please plan accordingly.
  • We have some spare boxes available to hold your books.
  • Out of courtesy to other patrons and to facilitate traffic flow, please leave your large boxes/wagons/etc. outside the exit door and fill them an armful at a time, rather than carting them around with you.
  • Masks are no longer required indoors at TBT; masking is optional but welcome.
  • Please note: TBT welcomes trained service animals but is not a pet-friendly location.

Book donations: July 13th, 9a-2p

We will open the book donation window on July 13th, from 9a to 2p only. We welcome all book donations, and especially popular fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, classics, non-diet cookbooks, all science topics, English dictionaries, and Bibles. We find it hard to keep these shelves restocked.

  • Book donation hours are 9am-2pm on 7/13. If we have to cancel the book giveaway for any reason, the book donation hours will also be canceled.
  • The donation limit is 7 boxes per family. Boxes must be small enough that one person can lift them when full.
  • We accept all types of books except encyclopedia sets.
  • We accept all types of popular and hobby magazines. We do not accept technical, academic, or professional journals.  Please DO NOT bring us your collection of literary magazines.
  • Due to space limitations, we still aren’t accepting media items this month.
  • Please don’t bring us books that are moldy, sticky, stinky, or missing pages/covers.
  • If you need a tax receipt for your donation, please mention that right up front. We’ll need to count your books separately. Thanks in advance for your patience!
  • Unfortunately, we can’t come pick up book donations, but we might have a volunteer who can help you unload them from your vehicle.
  • If you have more than 7 boxes of books that you wish to donate, please bring 7 boxes on 7/13 and Contact us separately about the rest.
  • We can only accept book donations as outlined above. If you leave books outside of donation hours, you may be cited by the City for illegal dumping.

Volunteer opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering with us in 2024, please fill out the Contact form.  We are excited to be moving forward on small-group trainings for new volunteers.